How to Use Video For Your 2020 Annual General Meeting

5 Tips to Consider 

Have you ever considered using video to showcase your portfolio companies (PortCos)? In light of social distancing, video is quickly becoming the new norm in conference presentations. With presentations right around the corner, now is the time to start preparing for your Fall Annual General Meeting (AGM). 


Video works uniquely well for sharing your PortCos’ stories. With video, your viewers are able to step away from the Power Points and spreadsheets and immerse themselves in the world of your PortCo. They can visualize growth firsthand by touring facilities, meeting management members, and hearing testimonials from third-party experts, employees, and end-users. Visuals can work to your advantage when the numbers begin to blend together.


To help you think about how to effectively use video in your annual meeting, we have gathered a few tips and tricks that we learned from our experience working with Private Equity (PE) firms and creating PortCo videos.

Here are 5 things you need to consider to effectively incorporate video into your AGM:


1. Choose the right PortCos for storytelling.


Typically 1-3 videos are showcased during an AGM presentation, so how should you decide which companies to include? 


First, consider which companies have the best stories. Choosing value or mission-driven companies can be a powerful way to incorporate video, as it can be next to impossible to convey that emotional value on paper. Growth is another story element to consider. Assess which companies have experienced the most impressive growth. We recommend focusing on rich stories when selecting companies for your video.


Videos are an effective medium to demonstrate the diversity of your portfolio. When selecting multiple companies to profile, think about which companies have different strengths. For example, a manufacturing company with strong visuals such as a sparkling high-tech production line can pair well with a healthcare company that is emotionally driven by a strong mission statement.


If any of your PortCos lack video content for marketing, recruiting, future fundraising, or training, then they may be an ideal candidate for a PortCo video. Most footage taken for this project can be repurposed into additional materials. This content can help accelerate company growth into the future.


2. Determine how you want the audience to respond.


After watching a PortCo video, everyone should feel good - they should feel good about their investment, feel good about the future of the PortCo, and feel good about the PE firm. In fact, investors should feel so good about the investment decisions being made that they want to invest in the next fund. 


But aside from feeling “good,” how do you want your audience to respond? Do you want your investors to feel enlightened? Do you want them to walk away with a new perspective? Should they feel confident? Do you want your investors to have an emotional takeaway? Perhaps you want them to see and feel the impact a product or service is having on one person or an entire community. Determining how you want your audience to react is essential to creating an impactful video.


And if your video partner understands your goals for the PortCo videos, they can develop a treatment to accomplish these goals.

3. Carefully select your storytellers.


Select storytellers whose passion for the company's product or service shines through. A genuine spark goes a long way on camera. As you might expect, for PortCo videos it’s also helpful to include 1-2 individuals who can speak particularly well on the financial aspects of the business (i.e. CFO, CEO, or COO). A short numbers-focused segment of the video will help to drive home the key points your shareholders are seeking.


We typically advise our clients to choose 3-5 storytellers for PortCo videos including members of the executive management team and a customer or third-party testimonial. Adding testimonials are a compelling way to build trust. Given the video’s short duration, it’s important to keep the number of storytellers limited. If too many storytellers are interviewed, the main message of the video can become diluted. 


4. Consider your video presentation structure.


Presentation structure should be kept simple when videos are involved. We typically recommend either one 5-7 minute video showcasing a few portfolio companies OR several 2-3 minute videos featuring a single company or topic.


With both of these video options, the audience will be able to sit with the storytellers and develop a familiarity and trust, without breaking the average person's attention span. These videos also blend in nicely in between PowerPoint presentations or to break up remote Zoom Conference Q & As.


Here's a great example for a remote Annual General Meeting

  • Introduce Company #1 and highlight its key points

  • Air the video to your shareholders

  • Follow the video with a live Q & A session with the CEO


A presentation structure such as this will not only keep your audience engaged throughout the meeting, but also show them many different sides of the company. 

5. Just do it! 

Our biggest tip is simple: use video. Your audience will be more engaged, they will visualize efficiencies and put faces to names, and it is a wonderful break from PowerPoint presentations.


Interested in learning more about PortCo videos?