Road to China

A Richmond Ballet Story

In 2015 The Richmond Ballet embarked on a journey to China for its farthest reaching and most challenging tour in company history. Serving as representatives of the United States, this small company went to dance on some of China's biggest stages, reached beyond cultural and historical divides, and bridged the gaps with a universal language: dance.

This film captures the range of experiences and emotions on their tour and also highlights the personal narratives of the ballet members as they navigate the beginnings and ends of their careers, injuries and illness, and engaging with an audience different from any they have had before.

The documentary shows every vantage point of this experience, from the wings to the audience seat, fully revealing the scope and impact of this tour for everyone involved. An experience attached with a degree of anticipation and many expectations became one that completely changed what this company knew of dancing, themselves, and the world around them.