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The Story of Structure: See-Saw of Client Management

Updated: Jan 16

When you live and breathe your work every day, you often forget that your clients are wrapped up their own details too. While I’m over here thinking,

Did the editor change that shot of me holding a lens in the background?

Does the schedule have the interview with the CEO before my second cup of coffee??

I wonder if the client appreciated my hilarious pun in the last email.

At the end of the day, we are all in the thick of it. My client is probably thinking similar thoughts while simultaneously laughing at my pun. Working through tight deadlines and putting our heart and soul into quality work takes a lot of energy. The problem is that all the steps between concept and final delivery get lost in translation.

I find this is really the paradox of being so invested in your work. That often, you forget to communicate something deeply ingrained as a part of your workflow. Sure, we understand what it truly means to meet a deadline, but our clients can only envision the final delivery. It’s a song and dance, a game of tennis, a see-saw of client management, if you will.

The humanstory system is ever evolving from both our positive and negative experiences. For example, Post Production is an incredibly involved process. There are many intricate pieces to the puzzle before we arrive at a final film. The only way to create a product that protects the authenticity of the story and satisfies the client’s vision is to never cut corners.

Conceptually, this idea is easy to get on board with, yet in practice the steps and revisions start to feel tedious. Taking a step out of my producer shoes and into the mind of my client, I realize that they too are wondering about the hilarious pun they sent to their own clients. Or the event, campaign, or press release they need the video for. While my day job is living by our system, their concerns lay in a bigger picture.

Time and time again we have seen the impact video can have in shaping the hearts and minds of an audience. It is with open communication and trust in our process that we are able to give our clients what they need to succeed. Each step is critical to understanding not only their story, but their purpose and call to action for the film.

Embrace the see-saw of client management; and don’t forget to communicate why your own systems exists in the first place. Remember that as working professionals, your 9-5’s look a lot different. Make an effort to empathize and break the barriers of miscommunication. This can be the difference between strained projects that live in infamy or successful partnerships and rosy nostalgia.

And let’s be honest, you deserve some rosy nostalgia.

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