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New Year, New Sense of Purpose, Same Old Story

At humanstory, 2019 started in July of 2018.

At least that’s when we started thinking about 2019…more on that later.

Stepping back into January 2018, we were busy, caught up in the middle of production on a few very exciting films. Those included Slimfast, Live Art, and Rise Baking all while planning

for upcoming projects. Just like the year before, we were being filmmakers. Doing what filmmakers do…making films. Like many small businesses, we were so gratefully busy that we weren’t stepping back and planning a vision for the next year.

We knew we had to plan, but when and how?

Spring ahead to July.

We convinced Melissa and Cammy to join us adding a virtuoso of account management and marketing. A passion for documentary film built by me, Martin, Sarah, Sam, and Hannah, was starting to develop into something new. Adding these skill sets to the storytelling mix inspired newfound energy, excitement, and planning.

Around that time, Melissa and Will started talking with founders, CEO’s, and Marketing Directors of various companies and non-profits. We wanted to step into their world, understand their challenges, and see if we could help. Through this process, we started to make some interesting discoveries about ourselves. We started thinking deeply about our clients and the industries we touch.

We love telling stories and have loved it for some time now. But something about this new reality was particularly challenging, exciting, and more importantly, needed. We have the opportunity of creating more than just films, we can make the goals of our client’s our own. We can become part of long-term strategies as well as short-term tactics. We can connect companies and industries to their desired audiences in much needed ways.

A lot is changing in our world; sometimes for the bad, but we believe mostly for the good. The changes we are seeing in marketing are nothing short of historical. We are moving forward into a world where customers are listened to and stories matter. Story is the currency of humanity. It connects us all on an authentic and human level. We are excited to join in on that conversation and to be able to do our part.

We’ve noticed that stories can be shared anywhere for any purpose. They can be used for marketing, recruiting, fundraising, or investment. Story is a part of healthcare, food and beverage companies, investment banking and non-profits.

Storytelling at its core is timeless.

This is nothing new, just simple authentic storytelling that has been around for ages. As consumers of this millennium, authenticity in a world of marketing is valuable and impossible to fake.

This is a world where humanstory fits in nicely. We are ready to partner with other company leaders and continue to take marketing in the direction the world demands. We are excited to join in and help tell the worlds stories, just as we’ve always done.

Let’s see what we can accomplish together in 2019.

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