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Connecting Andrea to her Clients: Making of a Numotion Film

Updated: Jan 16

Andrea was searching for something more when she was looking for a new position two years ago. It was coming across Numotion and getting to know them more that things seemed to click.

“I really felt a connection to the mission of the company. I felt like this was a place where the time you spend working is valuable and is really helping someone."

Numotion is the leader of Complex Rehab Technology in the United States. They provide products including manual and power wheelchairs designed to meet the unique medical and functional needs of individuals with significant disabilities and medical conditions. Their main goal is to provide their customers with greater independence. Beyond just providing life changing products, Numotion is proactive about getting to know their customers on a personal level as well as telling their stories.

For Andrea and the marketing department, there is never a shortage of good stories to tell. They came up with a strategy of wanting to showcase a story of a pediatric and adult customer, looking for stories that would resonate with a wide audience.

Embarking on these film projects allowed them to create a deeper connection with two perfect candidates they had been following for a while. Amber was the chosen adult customer voice, a mother of three boys with Down syndrome, who balances raising her children with active community and nonprofit involvement. Andrea mentioned what a great voice Amber had in the disability community, so sharing her story in particular would connect with many watching the film. For their pediatric story, 5 year old Aydin had already stolen the hearts of everyone at Numotion and they were confident others would love his enthusiasm and great personality.

Once each storyteller was chosen, it was time to dig deeper into the stories through pre-interview calls. Andrea shared, "I think from their perspective it can be a little bit nerve-racking. It is this question of ‘how am I going to be portrayed?' I want to be sure that the integrity of who I am comes through in this ... and that the process is very honest." Over time and through several calls she said giving them the space to share their stories was key in helping to allay any nervousness and allowed everyone to feel comfortable by the time the team arrived for shoot day.

“It’s funny how you picture a person in your mind before you meet them and when you meet them in person how sometimes those things can be very different and sometimes they can be spot on. With Amber, the picture I had painted of her in my mind was exactly how she was in person.”

It was clear Andrea could see a lot of herself in Amber. Watching Amber raise her boys also resonated with her life as a mom.

“Seeing how Amber has modified things to be a mom and do everything she needs to do - it's just so impressive the things she has thought of and the clever ways she works around and doesn’t let her injury impact her ability to be a mother. It's amazing.”

Our team witnessed Andrea and Amber really connect on the shoot. She found being in Amber’s home a warm and inviting environment - really a reflection of her as a person. Andrea’s voice lit up when talking about Amber’s boys saying they were “just like their mom, they’re endearing and full of life. We took all the good hugs we could get from them that day.”

Andrea couldn’t have been more straightforward when it came to her enthusiasm to meet Aydin. “There is a fan club for Aydin at Numotion!”

She explained how Aydin’s mom reached out to share his story awhile ago and they had been following along with his adventures on social media. She described him as “spunky,” “bright,” and “the most fun kid.” Our team along with Andrea followed Aydin and his family to a trampoline park for a day out. Seeing the family interact and play together seemed to bring the experiences with the storytellers together.

"Michelle and Greg her husband have such a strong family and support system, it was incredible to see how this family comes together - like being with Amber and her husband and the boys. It was same song second verse.”

When asked about any moments that surprised her when meeting Aydin and his parents, it was Greg, Aydin’s father’s story that made an impression on her. When Greg sat down for his interview Andrea was moved by his openness and his emotion when speaking about his wife, Michelle.

“It wasn’t the hard hitting questions that got him worked up. It was ‘tell us how you feel about Michelle and her role as a mom?’ and his response was so honest. As a mom and a parent you can’t help but be moved by someone answering a question with that much honesty and seeing love right in front of you. He obviously loves and cares for her deeply and his answers reflected that.”

She seemed confident that anyone watching could find a piece they could identify with personally.

"It is so great to have that honesty - don’t we all want to feel like 'man, that person is just like me' or 'I really identify with that' or 'I’m having that same experience as a mom or a parent or as a human that I really identify with this family and their story, or this woman and her story.'”

Really bringing out that honest story, in her eyes, was partly due to following the families in their daily lives and being another household member for the day. "The humanstory process within itself is documentary style. They want to document things as they are happening. I think our customers really identified with that and felt comfortable in that situation.”

Trying to sum up the experience, we asked what the overall filming days were like for her. She admitted it was a lot of hard work and long days, yet they didn’t at all feel like work.

“It was such a joy to go and participate in something like this. You can’t come back from a trip like that spending a week with customers and their families in their homes in an intimate personal setting and not be changed. I’m so proud to come to work and do what I do, what an honor it is to do this work that helps people. That has such an impact for me personally.”

Special thanks to Andrea for sharing her story. We can’t wait to share the final films with you all.

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