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You already know how important investor conferences are for connecting with the right people, but do you know how effective video is in facilitating that connection?

Video has an ability to
bring listeners out of the conference and into the factories, storefronts, and headquarters. Video assigns faces and personalities to brand names. It shows growth beyond a graphic or spreadsheet. Humanizing your portfolio companies through video can be a major differentiator for investors of current and future funds.

Our videos have impacted a range of industries.


We partnered with Vital Farms to show the transparency of their production process.


Consumer films like this often focus on facility tours, team culture, and third-party testimonials.


Industrial films, such as this one for Apache, are most effective when demonstrating capacity and scope.


We love how this film communicates growth while also focusing on integrity.


Emotions are communicated best through video, especially when it comes to the Healthcare Industry.


This video for Vispero sheds light on the low vision and blind community, showing the tremendous impact that accessibility can have on individuals' lives in every generation.


Mission-driven industries like technology lend themselves well to videos focused on providing solutions.


Trafficware, for example, is a company that has developed a solution for eliminating traffic inefficiencies. Videos help create a compelling picture of the problem at hand.

What can you expect?

3-6 Weeks

Average Production Time

Our Process:

  • Story + Goals Consultation

  • Pre Production

  • Production

  • Post Production

2-6 Mins

Average Film Length

Serving PortCos on Behalf Of...


It was important that we connected, in a strong and lasting way, with several audiences. They ranged from investors, to employees to clients, with a specific desired call to action for each one. 


 The humanstory team listened to our goals, accepted our challenge and, in the end,  produced three exceptional and effective humanstories for these audiences.     


They had a plan for us and the story content and their process was simple and fluid and the experience was even enjoyable for us. We love having them as a partner in our content marketing efforts.

Mark Lashley

Caregiver Inc., CEO

A portfolio company of DW Healthcare

The Humanstory team was amazing to work with and I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome of their work.


What made them so special is not only the technical quality of their work, but the fact that they took the time to understand our business and what makes Caregiver so special in the industry. Because they took the extra time to understand us, they were able to accurately capture the uniqueness of what we do and how we do it….


We now use the video to attract customers, employees and investors to our business. The humanstory films team is awesome!

How can private equity use video?

Multiple Uses
  • Investor conferences

  • Investor outreach

  • Fundraising

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Testimonials

Video can help you...

1.   Build Trust
3.   Show the Intangible

Documentary-style videos give viewers the opportunity to see and hear results first hand.


From third-party testimonials to employee interviews, hearing information from the source builds authenticity, giving your business a new level of credibility.

Intangible company advantages like company culture can get lost in presentations.


Video helps your audience better comprehend and experience these conceptual strengths for themselves.

2.   Create an Experience

You can talk about facilities as vividly as possible, but allowing someone to see the size and scope of a facility firsthand will always paint a better picture.


When you incorporate video, you are giving the viewer the chance to experience a company in a new way.

4.   Stand Out

Video creates a memorable experience. The ability to both see and hear information creates more neural connections in the audience’s minds.


Information shared via video is more likely to be remembered.

How to Use Video for Your 2020

Annual General Meeting

5 Tips to Consider.

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