Let's Tell a story

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Food and people seem to be a pretty obvious connection.

But we understand your company’s impact reaches far beyond what ends up in a store or on someone’s table. 

In our past films centered around restaurants and the food manufacturing industry, we’ve witnessed the great deal of hard work, passion and excitement that surround brands in this industry. We have helped translate the needs of these companies - recruiting talent, attracting franchisees, conveying brand identity and mission, creating buzz around a company’s potential - all through the storytelling process. 

We work with you to discover your true story and then come up with solutions that bring your story to life. 


Want a sampling of our work? Here's a few excerpts linked together so we can get to know each other better. 

Part of what makes humanstory work are the humans behind it. It’s the human element behind the process itself.
- Joel Warady
CMO Enjoy Life Foods

Everyone has a story...

We’re here to help you find it.

Finding it might mean figuring out the twists and turns, what moment is strongest or who can best speak to a certain theme. We want to help you navigate that process and be a coach. 


Humanstory is a company devoted to true storytelling. We set out to create films that are honest and believable; stories that inspire and motivate. 

Our sense of story, the essence that drives our films, focuses on the needs of the audience. What do they want to know, what should they see to feel a part of the story?


Here is a short collection of our work that is recruiting focused. These films focus on company culture, dynamic cities, work-life balance, and great environments to attract new talent. 

These are the stories of consumer focused companies. They're always at the forefront of understanding the needs of their customers, so we worked with them to bring this to life on film.



Our micro-docs are typically in the 5-7 minute range and follow a story or two closely. The advantage of using a documentary style to tell your story is it creates engaging characters and a storyline that resonates with viewers. It draws them in a way that feels authentic because they are able to see and feel the world that they are seeing on screen in a believable way. It is daily life, real life, brought to life through a camera and edit. The viewer wants to see themselves in your story and we believe a short documentary is the most effective way to establish that connection.


We take the “production out of production”

This means less is more. A small team, minimal set up, in a natural environment. These all come together with the goal of helping our storytellers to respond feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. And we get the enthusiasm for the story that we are looking for. 

The team on site is focused on the project at hand and set out to make sure they’re inconspicuous. Tearing apart a work day with an army of strangers in your office is not our thing. The people who will create your film want to make the process enjoyable and we think just a few people is the magic amount to make that happen. 

The story is the driving force behind our films. It’s the people, the purpose, the excitement or the changes that we focus on and allow to captivate audiences. 

Our system works.  It is a system that defines our filmmaking and allows us to truly incorporate our clients vision every step along the way. We take the time to understand you and your needs because we never want to compromise our promise to deliver an effective, moving story.

Your audience is just as important and that is why we work to understand what they are looking for and needing out of this film as well. We know you and your audience aren’t looking for gimmicks or fluff, so we strongly focus on the real story and all the elements needed to support that.

All of these elements in our process come together to create a piece we’re proud of - a humanstory film.