How we do it 

We’re a small team you can get to know on a first name basis. We like to embed ourselves into the story we are trying to tell.

We’re the type of crew that will really get to know you. Not just your story, but you as a client and person. The relationships we have been able to build over the years with clients have defined our approach and strengthened us as storytellers. Our filming and storytelling style is designed to be a partnership so our client’s voice can be heard and seen in an authentic way. 

We keep things as simple as possible in terms of set up with lights, sound and camera. The goal is to be unobtrusive and we’ve surprised clients with how easily we can blend into the environment without pulling apart a work day. Shooting what goes on naturally in an environment is always what we shoot for (no pun intended). The heart of how we shoot b-roll is documentary style. 


We have been creating documentary films nationally and internationally for corporations, non-profits, and other organizations. We’ve done a wide range of projects, from feature films on the arts to micro-documentaries for corporations.


It’s usually “new day, different story” with us and we really like it that way.