2017 Reflections: The Food Industry

Food (& Storytelling) -- Now that’s definitely something to get excited about.


It’s hard to believe the first quarter of 2017 has already passed! This year, we’ve taken up a variety of new and exciting projects and industries - and we thought it would be fun to reflect on one of our favorites: the food industry.


Any of our fellow foodies know that the ability to explore new foods, different restaurants, recipes, and culinary secrets is an exciting opportunity. And that’s what we thought too, when we partnered with our first food company, Enjoy Life Foods. Thinking back on our opportunity to venture “behind the scenes” and learn the story of a company that manufactures a delicious variety of “free from” and allergen friendly foods, we realize we had every right to be excited; yet, not for the most obvious reason. 


While everyone loves learning about delicious foods, after exploring various stories from within the industry, we’ve found what truly takes the cake: the chance to see beyond the food in front of us and instead discover the multiplicity of stories, passions, people, and purposes which exist within the larger industry.


At first glance, it may not seem as though the vegan mushroom-quinoa burger on your plate is more than a great bite to eat. However, we’ve come to realize that almost every food product or service is driven by a unique but shared passion for food - regardless of the step of production. 


From agriculture, to manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale, every sector plays an important role in bringing our favorite dishes to the table. The variety of brands and lifestyles involved in the food network reaffirms the possibility of seemingly infinite storytelling - and even more, the food and beverage sector constitutes upwards of 20% of the world economy. After all, we do rely on food, and with such pervasiveness, there is no question that there exists a reserve of compelling stories within the industry, just waiting to be discovered. 


Our first glimpse into the passionate mission of Enjoy Life Foods to our other projects in the food industry along the way have motivated us to find and share the unexpected stories behind food. There’s a ton to discover and to share, no matter the industry. We are looking forward to bringing you in soon on what we’re finding. 


Here’s to more discoveries in 2017!

the humanstory team