What is there to celebrate on World Storytelling Day?

Happy World Storytelling Day!


What is the deal and what is all the hype about? Why is storytelling this inescapable word that seems to be attached to just about every business and campaign nowadays? Is “storytelling" just trendy or are we tapping into something deeper?


Within humanstory, storytelling is the foundation of what we do. That’s why we're compelled to share why we think stories are worth celebrating.


The history of World Storytelling Day began in 1991 when an event was arranged in Sweden, called "Alla berättares dag", (all storyteller's day). Throughout the country, storytellers united through an informal network to share a day of stories and tales. In 2004 the Swedish tradition went global; every year on March 20th the art of storytelling and oral tradition is internationally celebrated, and this year, the storytellers' theme is: transformation


Stories have the power to humanize both the workplace and the marketplace. Personally, we believe everyone has a story to tell, and even more: people have an internal drive to hear great stories. Perhaps that is why 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. 


The human's propensity for entertainment and interaction, especially when combined with visual media, gives storytelling the potential to transform the consumer experience. In an age of powerpoint and data distribution, stories provide an outlet for individuals to truly engage and connect with the content being shared. It’s really one of the most alluring elements of a story because, what’s the point of communication if it isn’t memorable?


Beyond successfully conveying meaning, stories are also moving; there is no better way to inspire action than through a shared, emotional experience. The relationships developed through storytelling, both tangible and intangible, have a pervasive quality which connects and inspires. Because of this, information shared through story is far more likely to produce perceivable results, whether that be in the realm of social justice or brand loyalty. 


Beyond the field of marketing, we think storytelling can play an essential role in strengthening the foundation of a company. While the past may seem irrelevant in a quickly transforming world, harnessing the power of your history is integral to understanding your mission, connecting it to future trajectories, and then communicating your story to others. As a tool in the process of reasoning, stories can contextualize and untangle the complexities of a pressing situation, question, or decision. From communication to principle, a well defined story constitutes a successful company. 


It is no doubt that today's world is transforming - digital media has a stronger hold then ever, creating spaces for businesses and consumers to interact on a daily basis. It seems like the lightbulb has turned on - in the best way - for people to harness the active results of storytelling and embrace their own truths. 


Storytelling is the thread that has tied us all together throughout time. We’re excited the world is picking up on this and realizing its power in all of its different forms. Let’s celebrate stories, especially today, but everyday. May your story transform you and the world around you.


celebrating with you, 

the humanstory team