Finding Your Story in 2017

As we transition into the New Year, many individuals and businesses naturally focus on what they would like to change, how they would like to improve, and what they can do to stay on track, whether that be in the realm of fitness, profit, relationships, or even spirituality. Needless to say, January will see an upsurge in gym memberships, 'how-to-grow-your-business' books, and vegan berry chia-infused acai bowls (yes, its a thing), all of which consumers believe play an integral role in helping them achieve their goals. 


Despite the seemingly limitless options and products available to help us reach our goals, only 8 % of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. ( The culprit? Goals that do not fall in line with our story. 


Too often, our focus lies on the future - we ignore our history, the backstory that truly defines us. For many, the concept of self-reflection remains daunting; however, an understanding of your story is the key to moving forward, setting realistic goals, and most importantly, giving you the foundation to continue growing your company, family, or self in an integrative, intentional fashion. 


There is no doubt that in today’s increasingly digitalized and personalized world, self definition is everything. While this may contribute to the pressure we feel to create and follow through on our New Year’s resolutions every year, it is reassuring to note that the very foundation of storytelling lies in the fact that it is never too late to define - or redefine - your narrative. Identifying your story essentially allows you to determine your direction of growth, and allows others to view you or your company's actions as part of a greater narrative.


In theory this makes sense, but how does it translate into real time results? 


Analyses of market trends show that content marketing is on the rise, with storytelling considered to be one of the main components through which consumers are building personal connections to companies and their brands. Why? Identifying and sharing a story shows that there is authenticity behind the products and services a company provides and builds the basis for common ground.  


We all have a story to tell. Take this upcoming new year to discover your own narrative, whether you are starting from scratch or reflecting on a lifetime's work, and allow it to direct your growth and reinforce your mission in 2017. 


Happy New Year from the humanstory team!