We’re attracted to the human element in every story.

This is probably not surprising.

The company’s name is humanstory. 


In all seriousness though, our name is simply the core of who we are

and it’s why we love what we do.


When we are tasked with creating a film there’s nothing more inspiring than the blank slate of the unknown. Who is this organization? Who are its people? What drives them and what is the true underlying reason of why they matter? We love these questions.


We then create films around the answers. 



What WE DO

We create films with the audience in mind and build stories on their wants and needs. 

We start with a story or subject matter that is complex and then interview, film and edit it in a way that is concise. With each film we create it all boils down to this question: 

Is this film impactful and relatable and will the audience be moved to action? 

How we do it 

We’re a small team you can get to know on a first name basis. We like to embed ourselves into the story we are trying to tell.

We’re the type of crew that will really get to know you. Not just your story, but you as a client and person. The relationships we have been able to build over the years with clients have defined our approach and strengthened us as storytellers. Our filming and storytelling style is designed to be a partnership so our client’s voice can be heard and seen in an authentic way. 

We keep things as simple as possible in terms of set up with lights, sound and camera. The goal is to be unobtrusive and we’ve surprised clients with how easily we can blend into the environment without pulling apart a work day. Shooting what goes on naturally in an environment is always what we shoot for (no pun intended). The heart of how we shoot b-roll is documentary style. 


We have been creating documentary films nationally and internationally for corporations, non-profits, and other organizations. We’ve done a wide range of projects, from feature films on the arts to micro-documentaries for corporations.


It’s usually “new day, different story” with us and we really like it that way. 


A client once told us:

“Part of what makes humanstory work are the humans behind it. It’s the human element you bring to process itself.”

While extremely grateful for the compliment, we are inclined to agree. We do believe that the people behind this makes our approach work. 

Here are the humans behind humanstory. 

(Grounded people. Melodramatic pictures.) 


william gaff 

William has been a creative storyteller for the past 15 years. He has produced and edited hundreds of film and video projects for broadcast, corporate and nonprofit organizations, advertising and event films. His work has won a regional Emmy and has been nominated for a national Emmy. He continues to explore ways in which filmmaking and journalism are merging and evolving into exciting new ways to tell stories.


Martin montgomery

Martin is a graduate of Longwood College and has been filming live events, short films and commercials for over ten years. His work has won several awards at film festivals, two regional Emmys and one of his films took part in the Cannes Film Festival. He is always seeking new ways to evoke emotion through moving images and discovering new topics to explore.



Sarah is a graduate of University of Richmond and has been balancing working on documentaries and traveling the world since she graduated. She has served as editor for a feature length documentary on Soviet Jewish refugees and has helped write and produce many films since joining the humanstory team. She loves honest storytelling and getting to know different communities and organizations through documentary filmmaking.